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Ashley is your trusted local real estate professional, deeply rooted in the vibrant Glenfield & North Shore community after spending much of her childhood and adolescence growing up in the area. After an enriching stint abroad, she returned to the North Shore five years ago, rekindling her connection with the community and channeling her passion into the realm of real estate.

With an impressive background in a high performing top-tier sales team, selling well over 60 homes on the North Shore, Ashley has honed her skills in the industry, driven by a steadfast dedication to ethical practices and unwavering integrity. Her ethos revolves around the principle of doing what's right, instilling trust and reliability in every transaction.

Dedicated to making a meaningful impact in people's lives, Ashley approaches each client interaction with boundless enthusiasm and personalized attention. As a proud member of the esteemed Carpenter Realty family, she seamlessly integrates her core values of hard work, integrity, and unparalleled client service into every facet of her work.

Drawing from her experience in financial advising and customer service, Ashley found her calling in real estate—a harmonious fusion of her expertise and passion. Beyond the realm of property transactions, Ashley finds solace in the simple joys of life. When she's not orchestrating dreams of homeownership for her clients, you'll find her cherishing moments with her daughter Lucy, exploring nature trails, capturing memories through photography, delving into captivating reads, and staying active at the gym.

With Ashley by your side, rest assured that your real estate journey will be guided by expertise, integrity, and genuine care—a testament to her unwavering commitment to your satisfaction and success.

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