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Cody Sylva

Licensee Salesperson

Locally born and bred, Cody Sylva has spent several years working internationally in the digital business arena and has now settled on the Shore with his young family to begin a new adventure in real estate. Cody has a strength for connecting easily with people on a deep level through trust and a genuine dedication to adding value to people’s lives, and it is these qualities that he brings to every transaction. 

From a large family of Maori and Portuguese descent, Cody is warm, personable, and relates easily to people from all walks of life. He is just as comfortable in shorts as he is in a suit, and believes that respect is something you earn by showing it to others. It is this down-to-earth approach that enables him to build long-lasting relationships in the community, with his business motto being to serve rather than sell.

Having achieved success in a variety of sports, and with all the grit and self-discipline that comes along with top-level sportsmanship, Cody is attracted to the coaching and mentorship that Carpenter Realty offers. His goal is to make the sale of your property an easy, stress-free, and meaningful one with the best possible results. His values and determination are a welcome addition to our growing team.

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