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Dora ShenQinYuan Shen

Licensee Salesperson

Born and raised in China, and having enjoyed a career in television and media, Dora moved to New Zealand thirteen years ago and fell in love with the North Shore. Having bought their first home in Birkdale, Dora and her family are happily settled in this close-knit community. 

What sets Dora apart as an agent is the importance she places on having transparent communication and building strong relationships with clients based on trust and integrity. She believes that understanding her clients unique needs and concerns is pivotal, as it helps her to tailor her approach and provide the best possible service. 

Dora brings empathy, enthusiasm and a passion for excellent customer service to her business. Fluent in both Mandarin and English, Dora’s ability to communicate with people from a wide variety of backgrounds will be a huge asset to her future customers. If you’re looking for a salesperson who truly cares and is passionate about the local community, give Dora a call today.

“What I love most about real estate is the human element - the stories, dreams, and emotions attached to each property. It's not just about buying or selling houses; it's about helping individuals or families find their ideal home, or guiding investors toward achieving their financial goals. The diversity of people and properties in real estate makes every day unique and rewarding. Plus, the ever-changing market keeps things interesting and challenges me to stay adaptable and informed”.

您好, 我是Dora Shen,精通普通话,英语。


电话:021 0821 8917 微信: dorashenraywhite


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