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Jono Bucheler

Licensee Salesperson

As a frontline police officer for almost 13 years and a number of those in a supervisory role, Jono Bucheler is astute, caring, team focused, and driven by a strong sense of duty. With well-honed negotiation skills, empathy, and relentless energy, Jono now brings these skills to a career in real estate.

A man of his word, Jono is committed to helping his clients achieve the best possible results through hard work, outstanding service, and transparent communication. Well known for thriving under pressure and dealing calmly with complex situations, Jono has proven skills that will see him excel in property negotiations and building long-lasting relationships.

With a passion for keeping fit and competing in multi discipline sports, Jono is highly driven to achieve success and brings passion to all that he does. A proud father of two, Jono enjoys keeping fit and spending time outdoors in his spare time. A perfect match for our Carpenter Realty family values, we welcome Jono warmly to the team.

If you and your family are looking for a real estate experience with someone you can trust to lead you through your journey and who is committed to excellence, give Jono a call anytime.