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Sherry Zhou

Licensee Salesperson

Sherry, originally from China, found her heart captivated by the stunning landscapes and warm community spirit of New Zealand upon her arrival four and a half years ago. Settling on the picturesque North Shore, she was drawn to its excellent schools, pristine beaches, and vibrant Chinese community.

With a background in sales, Sherry honed her ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, listening to their stories and empathizing with their needs. She believes that truly understanding her clients is the key to delivering exceptional service and finding the perfect property to match their desires, resulting in a fulfilling purchasing experience for all involved.

Possessing a natural talent for building rapport and finding common ground, Sherry approaches every client interaction with honesty, integrity, and a genuine desire to help them achieve their goals. She understands that buying or selling real estate is one of life's most significant decisions, and she embraces the responsibility of guiding her clients through this process with care and expertise.

To Sherry, success is not just about closing deals—it's about ensuring her clients' success and satisfaction every step of the way. She sees herself as a partner in their journey, dedicated to achieving mutual success and celebrating together when goals are reached. For Sherry, the bond between client and agent is a symbiotic one, where both parties thrive together, making every achievement a shared victory.