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Selling Your Home? Think About Some Low Pressure Washing

By Jo Morrow - Marketing

Selling Your Home? Think About Some Low Pressure House Washing

Are you selling your home? If so, take some time to get the exterior looking its best. You may be able to sell your home with ease, but you also want to get the best possible price. Apart from painting the property and staging it with modern, clean furnishings and decor, consider cleaning it thoroughly with a power washer. A low pressure house wash gets off years of caked-on dirt and grime, and you may be able to use it in more areas than you’d think. Read on to learn about the benefits of using a house wash company and how you can use one to prepare your home for buyers.
Consider the Advantages of a House Wash
Curb appeal is extremely important when selling a home. Many home buyers are primarily interested in the look of the home. Not only do they want a home that is clean and attractive, but they may also see a lack of cleaning as a lack of maintenance. A home that is dirty looks poorly maintained and may lead potential buyers to think the property has additional problems.
Wash the Front of the House
For the front of the house, you may want to start with washing the roof. Over time, roofs often build up unsightly algae. You may not have even noticed this happen. If you compare your roof now with pictures from when it was first installed, though, the picture may look quite different. The roof is one of the things that matters most to buyers, as this component is very difficult and expensive to replace.
The siding of your home will also likely need to be washed. Though siding is low maintenance, low pressure washing it from time to time will often have the same impact as painting a home.
Apart from the roof and siding, consider the front walkways and the driveway. Your buyers are going to see these areas first. Washing will remove oil stains and dirt stains in addition to taking out plant matter.
Wash the Back of the House
After buyers look at the front of the house, they will often move to the back and look at the yard and around the house itself. Use a low pressure washer to rinse off your deck and restore the wood to its previous splendor. Similarly, you may want to rinse off your fences, walkways, and any accent pieces as well. If you have a pool or a water feature, it will often get stained over time or will build up minerals. To wash this area, first drain it and then rinse it out. This step can also reveal any issues or weak spots at the bottom of the pool or water feature.
Get a Professional House Wash
After all this, you may be tempted to purchase a pressure washer on your own or rent one so that you can clean your home yourself. However, there are many advantages to hiring a professional. A professional exterior cleaner knows exactly how to complete the washing without damaging things, such as the deck or the fence. Certain areas could be permanently damaged if you neglect to set the pressure correctly.
Further, pressure washers can be dangerous if you use them incorrectly. A pressure washer puts out a lot of pressure, which can hurt you if you lose control of it. Expensive pressure washers also work much better than conventional, at-home power washers. That means a professional with a commercial-grade washing unit will complete the job much faster than you could.
Are you ready to get started on your house wash? Contact the professionals at Wash Rite NZ, to find out more about power washing your home.
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