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In your neighbourhood – Our World, Art Exhibition

By Jo Morrow - Marketing
Ray White Carpenter Realty is proud to bring you an exhibition of art work by local artists Ken & Muriel Garrett.
Ken and Muriel are professional artists and have been painting for many years. They believe painting is a creative process of the mind, as is music and the emotive effects and creativity of classical/jazz musicians influence our way of thinking and capturing mood and atmosphere.

Ken & Muriel’s work will be on display at our Verrans Corner office from November 9th – 12th 2022.

THURSDAY 10/11 – SATURDAY 12/11 – 9.30AM – 5PM
Both Ken & Muriel firmly believe that healthy, well fed, educated children are our future and for this reason
20% off all sales will be donated to KidsCan!
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