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Secret Shop us…. we welcome it!

By Jo Morrow - Marketing

Typically when people are looking to sell their home, they will get a few of the local agents in to make presentations. Agents are on their “best behaviour” through this process and may well just tell you what you want to hear in terms of pricing.

You want an agent who is going to represent you well, and so the best way of gauging how well they do that is to “secret shop” them, and see them in action!To help you do this we have put together a few things to take note of and some potential questions to ask.

How much does the agent know about the house they are selling and the area that it is in

  • What work has been done to this property that would require consents and permits and does it have them?
  • What year was the house built?
  • What are the local schools and neighbours like?
  • What are the benefits to living in this area?
  • Can you tell me about the title?

Take notice of how the agent makes you feel as a buyer

  • Are they warm & welcoming?
  • Are they informed & knowledgeable about the property & real estate in general?
  • Are they relaxed and do they make you feel at ease?

Do they act in a professional manner

  • Were they on time & was everything set up before you arrived? (e.g. the open home flag & marketing material)
  • Did they showcase the property to the best of its ability?
  • Did you feel as though they had the vendors & the buyers best interest at heart?

What do they know about recent sales in the area

  • Has anything sold around this area recently & what did it sell for? Are they able to answer this?
  • What have you sold in the area recently?

What was their follow up & communication like

  • Before attending an open home, flick them a message via the property ad or give them a call, did you hear back from them?
  • Did they answer the phone? Were they friendly and knowledgeable?
  • Did you hear from them again after attending the open home?
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